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To download content, you should not register or sign-up, or subscribe, or get any software ... all you need is to purchase a code.
The code for download content is obtained via phone call, SMS, credit card... Payment systems according to which the company Allopass (Hi-Media) has at your country.
To download each product is required to purchase a code ( 1 code = 1 download).
After entering the code in the field of pop-up window, the download is immediate and the product is stored in the location you have configured your browser.
The required information to the buyer will NOT be used for advertising.


Allopass is a safe and easy payment service that enables you to buy online content without having to expose your credit card or banking information to any third party, including Allopass.
Our solutions are famous for security and simplicity.
Keep your personal information secure.
No credit card or bank information required.
No software to download, no sign-up required to purchase with Allopass.
We partner with phone carriers to enable you to buy online content just by calling or texting a number. You don't provide any personal information to the merchant and the cost of the content appears on your phone bill as 'Allopass'.
It's safe. It's easy. And you control your personal information.
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